Eagles and foxes!

Well, if it isn’t one predator it is another!

One morning at 7am after letting all the poultry out for the day, we saw a fox checking them out. It was daylight, though only just at this time of the year. Needless to say we were not happy.

Next day, there were two eagles perched in a tree overlooking the wandering poultry! Now they are a predator too, and we have certainly seen them take our poultry in the past….. but……. they are a native Australian bird, indigenous to this area…… and so majestic! So of course the camera comes out, and numerous photos taken.

A pair of eagles watching the poultry


Needless to say, in the last two weeks since seeing the fox and the eagles, we have lost two geese and two turkeys, and everyone now needs to stay locked up in their pens for their safety!

Another fox…..no, it’s an eagle!

We seem to be having a run of death and destruction.

It has happened from time to time….and now it is time again! THIS week we have lost two more animals…..to a Wedge-tailed Eagle!

One day we came home to a stripped duck carcass, and decided it was not like a fox attack….maybe it was a cat?? The next day we lost our gorgeous Australorp rooster….but there eating it was a magnificent Wedge-tailed Eagle. Well, what mixed emotions!! How amazing this creature was- huge, majestic…..but also hungry….and eating¬†OUR¬†stock! Needless to say the camera was grabbed, but it was a bit quick for us so the photos are blurry.

Quick photo before it saw us and flew off-eating the rooster!

Watching from a safe distance

Circling overhead- that beautiful wedged tail!