It is wonderful to see a variety of native birds on our property- and always exciting to see something new, especially when it is a bird we have heard many times but just could not see it! The Fan-tailed Cuckoo is one of those! It has a very distinctive call, so was easily identifiable….. but it always went quiet when we started to get close enough to see it! Well, finally we saw one- and managed a photo!

Fan-tailed cuckoo

Fan-tailed cuckoo


Drop skinks!

It has been pretty busy here at McCarthy Park lately. We have had one bush fire already and have spent a fair bit of time doing more fire proofing, including getting some tree loppers in to help clear.

An entertaining aspect of the wildlife at present is the King skinks. We have always had a whole community of them in the rockery, and encourage them by giving some food now and then and keeping the dogs out of that area. We often have them in the roof space, and occasionally get quite energetic and run around.

this year, they have added a few kamikaze dives from either the eaves or the grape vines! Quite regularly we here a THUD and look out to see a skink on the ground!

King Skinks in the rockery

King Skinks in the rockery


Finding its way in!

Finding its way in!


Welcome visitors….

We have had such an abundance of birds lately- particularly the Splendid wrens. They are so comfortable with us being quite close- the only trouble with photographing them is they flit so quickly!!

They have become very regular visitors to the vegetable garden and aquaponics garden, and are very welcome indeed as they are eating the caterpillars!

Checking out the caterpillars in the veggie garden!

Checking out the caterpillars in the veggie garden!


Possums, lambs and lettuce!!!

The possum is becoming more and more comfortable around us and now resides in the workcoming emerging from its slumber at dusk to look for food!

You lookin' at me?

Our first lambs of this season were born  on 7th August, and are looking good so far!

The aquaponics system is certainly continuing to excell! The growth is greater than that in the soil garden, to the extent that we are having to do some thinning out. The trout are growing very well too!

Growth 3 months from planting/sowing.

3 am visitor!

A loud crash sent the men of the house checking the front door…..only to find a very cobwebby possum hanging on tight!

Possum gripping the door frame

A few cobwebs adorn it's ears!