Guinea fowl

We have guinea fowl, we must confess, for interest only!! They are beautiful though peculiar looking birds that make a lot of noise! They are meant to be great at keeping snakes away, but really, they are just fascinating to watch and listen to.



They are very flighty, and make quite a racket when disturbed. They are uncaged (once they were out of the cage we couldn’t get them back in again!) but expect their ration of wheat (and sunflower seeds for a special treat) every morning before they go off exploring, and again every evening before they flutter high up in a tree to roost for the night.

We have not had any success breeding them as the females go and make a very secretive nest somewhere and then unfortunately don’t return due to the foxes around now and then. We have however managed to purchase fertilised eggs and hatch them under a bantam!

Keets (baby guinea fowl) with their surrogate mother

Keets (baby guinea fowl) with their surrogate mother