When we first moved to McCarthy Park 1 in 1991, we saw kangaroos and wallabies in the bush around us, on the road and in our property. As the area has become more built up, we no longer saw them on our property and rarely in the surrounding area. In our new McCarthy Park, we see kangaroos daily, and love it. They regularly visit ours and surrounding properties, and we need to drive carefully as they often cross over the road from the regional park.

We have also seen possums and quendas (Southern Brown Bandicoot).

Possum at night

Quenda-Southern Brown Bandicoot

Another visit from Gwenda the Quenda!

Even eating the poultry food!

We have regular visits from possums (or more likely, one possum).

Hang in there!

Grip well? Sure will!

Our tub of hessian bags provided a cosy bed for the possum in the daytime!