McCarthy Park 2.0

Well, we have now moved.. to a more genteel and easier to manage version of McCarthy Park. It is a massive move, starting with the orchard in October, moving into the house just in time for Christmas, and soon to come will be moving the animals once we have their areas set up.

We are still exploring our new surroundings and learning about how this house and its surrounding 5 acres works, and while it is definitely an easier place to manage there is also a lot we want to do to make it ‘ours’. There is a considerable amount of lawn, which come the cooler weather we will reduce and add more native vegetation. We also need to cover and pave an area ready for the aquaponics, develop a vegetable garden, prepare the bee area and of course complete the poultry yards.

As we are settling in and still watering the orchard trees by hand, we have observed an abundance of wildlife, including our first snake at this place in the first week we moved in! Thankfully, we were able to capture and relocate it to a more suitable area. We have also seen lots of birds and insects…… and are looking forward to exploring more with the camera in hand.

We get a fabulous view of the birdbaths we located in the orchard.
There are loads of Yellow-rumped thornbills
The Scarlett Robins are regular visitors near the house, as are the Splendid Fairy Wrens who we haven’t got a great photo of yet!
This is one of three baby Butcherbirds regularly calling for some food!
There are so many Red-capped Parrots, including lots of juveniles
We, of course, moved the Bee n Bee, the bee hotel, and within a day was being occupied in its new location.

While we are yet to complete the move with all the animals, we are loving McCarthy Park 2.0!