When we moved to McCarthy Park 2, we had to sell most of the animals except for the chickens, bees and fish, as it would take time to establish proper pens and yards. Once we settled in however, we decided to go with Ancona ducks instead of the Pekins in the history below.

For many years at McCarthy Park 1, we had geese, which we loved, but they made it very difficult to nurture new pasture as they just kept eating it down to the bare ground. We decided to go for ducks instead as they are not solely grazers like the geese are.

We decided on Pekins, which like the poultry, were chosen as a good breed to supply both eggs and meat. They are also very entertaining and we have become big fans!!

Pekin ducks

We get plenty of eggs, which are great in omelette and scrambled!

The ducks are locked up each night as we do get foxes, and let out each morning when they are free to wander around either the orchard or further afield as they have discovered how to sneak under the gates!

January 2012 saw our first successful hatching- only three ducklings but it is a start.

Three little ducks went out one day…

The Pekins are very friendly, and come running if they think there might be some food!

Climbing on the tractor carry-all for fallen wheat!


Cute!! One of the 2013 hatchings

Ducklings and ducks on the dam

Ducklings and ducks on the dam