A summary

We are ‘professional peasants’ with real ‘day jobs’ while living on a small farm, growing vegies (in the ground and in two aquaponics systems), herbs, ducks, poultry, and in our previous 10 acre McCarthy Park (where we lived for 30 years up until December 2020) grew rabbits, sheep and fish in the swimming pool for family consumption!

We also support native plants and local wildlife. Our goal is to live on our now 5 acre property 30 minutes from the Perth CBD, Western Australia as sustainably as possible. We also do our best to provide an environment for local wildlife. We like to share our experiences for the sake of those wanting to do similar with some handy hints and also avoid some of the  inevitable pitfalls.  Apart from this website, we also contribute to the following forums:

Backyard Farming : http://www.backyardfarming.com.au/

Backyard Aquaponics : http://www.backyardaquaponics.com/

Aussies Living Simply : http://aussieslivingsimply.com.au/

Backyard Poultry : http://www.backyardpoultry.com/

Instagram : mccarthyparkpeasants

Twitter: @McPeasants

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mccarthy.park/