Visiting Wildlife!

We are thrilled that the billabong is becoming a regular waterhole for the local Carnaby cockatoos! They come and bathe and drink, making quite the racket in their gusto!

We have also had regular visits from an Oblong Turtle (or perhaps visits from several, not sure!).

These turtles, also known as Long-necked Turtles, wander at least 500m from the water’s edge to nest!

With the warmer weather but still plenty of rain, the garden is blooming!! The roses have been in such abundance we have been picking them to dry petals for a family wedding coming up soon.

This is just a few of the roses!
Rose petal confetti for late November

The rest of the garden is enjoying the weather too, and is such a pleasure to work in and look at!

After being bare for what felt like a very long winter, the weeping mulberry is not only looking fabulous but is laden with delicious mulberries!
The bees just love the lavender and borage at the moment!

It is always great to harvest our own food, which we do on a regular basis. Recently we harvested a couple of red cabbages to make the next 12 month supply of sauerkraut. One batch just cabbage with a few cranberries and caraway seeds, the other included home grown fennel and chilli too- yum!

Such a beautiful, vibrant colour!
A week or two later and both went to the fridge, ready to eat!