Preparing for aquaponics!

Well, as we have said before, there is never nothing to do!! As a further step towards sustainability we are setting up an aquaponics system near the pool. The aim is to continue to run Silver Perch in the pool, but in the aquaponics fish tank to run Barramundi in summer and Rainbow Trout in winter. We just need to prepare the ground…….

First step is to remove the existing pool fences

View to the west-where the system will be

The ground needs levelling

We will have two different levels because there is quite a slope!


Well, within four weeks of the ‘big bushfire’ there is some regrowth happening-even before the rains!

Grass trees sprouting up just three weeks after the fire

Sprouts of green shooting from the burnt ground

Time will tell whether some of the Spearwoods and Melaleucas will grow back, but the Grasstrees certainly have.