Working Towards Sustainability

We are by no means self-sufficient, but we do what we can, when we can, to live as sustainably is possible at this point in our lives.

Some of the things we do are:

* grow some of our own vegetables and fruit

* grow some of our own meat

* grow our own fish in the swimming pool and in the aquaponics system

* we keep bees 

* reduce our use of electricity-with 26 solar panels we are able to produce enough electricity in summer to cover what we use. A solar hot water system also has dramatically reduced our electricity needs.

* supply our own firewood- from trees that have died on our property. Unless a tree has fallen in an inconvenient place, we store our firewood vertically! This saves space and eliminates double handling.

* we tried allowing the sheep to graze the lawn around the house, but that did not work, so we have drastically reduced the amount of grass and planted natives instead.

* we have allocated four areas of the property as ‘sanctuaries’. The dogs and stock are not allowed in these areas to encourage native flora and fauna.