Wettest winter…..

So July 2021 is Perth’s wettest July in 26 years! We have had days of 30-40mm, but Monday 26 July was the record, with 64mm!

The pool has flooded several times, and some plants have suffered from the wind, rain and frost (we had -1.8 at the end of June…… but there has been a wonderful abundance of fungi!

For the amazing variety of fungi so far, see our Fungi and Lichen page

Planting of the ‘oval’ is now finished, and the rain is really helping everything settle in!

And the orchard trees are going really well, with so many of the deciduous trees now in full bud after almost a year long transplant process.

Some pruning to reshape will be needed, but all advice is to keep that to a minimum for the first 12 months after transplanting.