Dehydration is a good way of storing some produce for later use, whether it is done via the sun, the oven or a dehydrator. We have dried tomatoes, herbs, mushrooms, oranges, limes, strawberries, sweet potato, greens (such as kale) and apricots, but the list of possibilities is endless! We also make our own vegetable crackers using fermented vegetables, and these are delicious!

Steamed kale for the freezer, and dried mushrooms

Steamed kale for the freezer, and dried mushrooms

Home made dried herbs have so much more flavour than bought ones! We dry them still on the stem (provided they are not too thick),and once dry remove the leaves and then mill them slightly in the Thermomix. We keep jars of each for when fresh aren’t available, plus add dried thyme, rosemary and sage together to make our own dried mixed herbs!

dried herbs


During orange season we get bucket loads of oranges, and dehydrating them in thin slices is a good way to preserve them for later. We just add a couple of dried slices to water or in any of the ferments (water kefir or kombucha) to add a bit of flavour.