Food & produce

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Life on a property such as ours, despite the odd setback, certainly has its rewards for all the work. We still need to shop, and realistically always will, but we are able to grow a lot of our own food.

Apart from being able to swim in summer, the pool provides us with fish and some vegetables. The fish waste provides nutrients for the plants!

Celery and Gota Kula growing in the swimming pool

Rabbits produce readily (!!) and grow very quickly. The Giants we have grow to eating size in 12 weeks. Here are some examples of our totally home grown meals:

Home grown rabbit and veggie dinner

Freshly caught fish is great! As with the rabbits, any waste/guts etc is buried in the veggie garden to continue the cycle by fertilising the ground ready for the next crop of veggies.

fresh fish and herbs

In addition to keeping rabbits and fish for meat, we also process our own poultry, ducks, turkeys and sheep. All of this is on a very small scale and for our own consumption. For more detail on any of these animals, choose one from the drop down menu or click on the links.

One room in the house has become the ‘produce room’, and this is where we store our vegetables or excess produce that we have preserved. It is also where we can do any processing of the animals. There are shelves for the equipment and jars, a butchers block, a fridge and a freezer, so everything remains clean and insect free inside the house!

The produce room

The produce room

The produce room at its best!

The produce room