Dragon Fruit?

Wow….. we have had dragon fruit plants for several years, but they have always struggled. We hoped the new place might suit them better, but the frost each year set them back so much it was like starting again each summer…including this summer.

But….. they are doing really after planting small cuttings in spring in raised (slightly) beds along with some berries (some beds have blackberries and others raspberries).

March 2024- They have grown and now overhang beautifully (despite us fighting the grass in the raised beds).

And FINALLY!! We have flower buds! First time ever!

Time will tell if it is too late in the season for them to form fruit, before the next frosts come, but fingers crossed! We are planning to protect them with hessian this year, so they aren’t as badly affected by the frost, plus they are closer to the house now so that may also reduce the impact.