3 am visitor!

A loud crash sent the men of the house checking the front door…..only to find a very cobwebby possum hanging on tight!

Possum gripping the door frame

A few cobwebs adorn it's ears!

Aquaponics system cropping already!

Well, it was only four weeks ago that the system was completed and the seedlings planted. The growth in them is visible on an almost daily basis, to the extent that we are already cropping lettuce and mizuna leaves.

Four weeks after initial planting

The fish are all well, though are hungry because we are still not feeding them daily as yet as this would overload the water in these early stages. It is important for the nitrifying bacteria to increase and do their work-converting the ammonia from fish waste to nitrites and then to nitrates. At the moment this process is still settling in, though the ammonia levels are now dropping and the nitrites increasing. The next step is for the nitrites to also drop because all the ammonia is being converted to nitrates, which is plant food!!