Nasturtium everything!

Nasturtiums are amazing! We love the peppery taste, and the versatility! We use the flowers to make cordial, add them to salads, add them to white wine vinegar to make the most glorious orange coloured peppery salad vinegar, and chop them and add them to butter. The leaves are great in salads, make a fabulous pesto, and are also chopped and added to butter. The seed pods are cleaned, soaked for 24 hours in brine and then bottled in vinegar- 6 weeks later we have our own ‘capers’! There are a number of different recipes for pickled nasturtium pods- we use this one but don’t bother heating the vinegar though.

Nasturtium pesto, vinegar, butter and 'capers'

Nasturtium pesto, vinegar, (not yet steeped so still pale) butter and ‘capers’