Preserving continues…..

It continues to be a great year for produce so we have continued to preserve what we can. We have added ratatouille with home grown tomatoes, zucchini and eggplant to the shelves, as well as pumpkin (perfect to make quick pumpkin soup in winter), carrot and bean mix, pickled cucumbers, and some ready made meals using home produce.

We have had an abundant supply of passionfruit, so this weekend we preserved 2 litres of passionfruit pulp to use in winter and 2 litres of passionfruit skin jam!

After scooping out all the passionfruit pulp….

We placed it into the water bath canner and processed for 10 minutes….
and now we have jars of passionfruit pulp for winter, with no doubt much more to come!
A quick google search for what to do with passionfruit skins (as there are so many), found a recipe for passionfruit skin jam….
about half that load of passionfruit shells was boiled in water until the rind (not the skin) was soft, then into the fridge to soak up more water overnight….

The softened rind was scooped out with a teaspoon (taking care not to get any skin as it is very brittle), and added to a pot with lemon juice and the pulp of 12 fresh passionfruit. This gave us 7 cups of mixture, to which we added 6 cups of sugar. After boiling for about an hour and a half (and checking for consistency on a plate), it was poured into jars.

it is delicious!!! We are looking forward to trying it on some toast or scones, but think it could be good as a chutney with some cold meat or with a cheese board!

The produce room is certainly getting full, even though we have been eating some of what we have preserved!

Some things had to be rearranged to make room for the preserved passionfruit!!