The challenges of country living continue! In the space of four weeks we left a pump on running the water tank dry (our only source of water)- fortunately the pump wasn’t damaged. The following week was the snake in the house, then the fox attack….and this week a bushfire!

We were awoken around 5.30am with the strong smell of smoke, soon followed by the sound of numerous fire engines. It was obviously close by.

Water bomber in action

The view from the back door at 6.00am

Sunrise through the smoke

Thanks to the Bushfire Brigades! Now hopefully the unsavoury person who lit it (FESA say the cause is ‘suspicious’) will get caught.

There’s a snake in the house!!!!

Well, we do talk about the welcome and unwelcome wildlife that we encounter on a 10 acre property…..but this week we had a snake in the house! Ok, it was only a juvenile, about 30 cm long, but it was a Dugite!

Fortunately the yelling ‘there’s a snake in the house’ (while determinedly keeping eyes on the snake so it didn’t disappear off into a bedroom) finally had some effect on those outside. A net was grabbed, the snake caught, and then it was released in the ‘snake lake‘- the first repatriation of a snake there since we created it.

Juvenile dugite in the house

Releasing the dugite into the snake lake

Dugite's herringbone skin pattern